Evolution and statistics of Trisquel project.

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I am a translator!

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Hello members and everyone,

I'm supporting Trisquel for some years ago and I think that this is time to make a Summary of Activity.

All of us know that Trisquel is promoted by the Free Software Foundation. This means that is a responsability for all the people that is involved in this project, to expand this tool around the world.

In this sense, I think that it would be very interesting and valuable to publish the stastics about how many people had downloaded Trisquel ISO's, how many media has talked about our project, how many organizations have collaborated with the project, and so on.

I think that this is the mission of founders, like Ruben and so on.

We all together are part of this great and libre project. And we want to know about it, to continue playing our role!

Thanks to all.

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How many downloaded is not very useful. Because it is free software! It probabaly gets shared many ways.