Guns are getting smarter. Soldiers are getting dumber

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(I am deliberately posting this not in the main branch of forum)

Today there are guns, machine guns with the laser beams, when it's on you and you pull the trigger, bullets come out. If it's a little off, no bullets come out. The programmed guns are getting smarter. Soldiers are getting dumber. The universities have better equipment than ever. The best. And the war is getting worse. The atom bombs considered nothing today compared to the cobalt bomb. They would kill many more people. There are 300 hundred submarines. According to the navy each one has more destructive power than all the wars in history. What can you accomplish with that?
How do you bridge the difference between nations. This is the real problem. Not killing and not sweeping the garbage (doesn't matter whether it's real one junk, or blobs in the code). When you kill people and bomb cities... Consider the abortionist: some people say "Jeez, it's terrible. They commit abortion, they take a life." If these people were consistently educated, when you have war you kill pregnant women, children, everybody. Why don't they fight against war? Why just abortionist? When you have war then even free software will not genuinely save the people, where the killers will invade to their homes and take their lives. There is already some of the OS made by war-people and BASED ON code of the GNU project. They don't give a shit about whether it's free or not. It's violation but they don't care.
Yes, Free Software movement can help to impede some crackers and life-haters. Yes, I suppose that it could stop quite a bunch of potential crackers and dangers, but this only way doesn't work really genuinely, because people's social understanding is primitive. Almost no man knows very much about what shapes human BEHAVIOUR. The inner forces of human life are still largely hidden from us. Education should be a preparation for life. Our "culture" has not been very successful. Our education, politics and economics lead to war. Our medicines have not done away with disease. Our religion has not abolished usury and robbery. Our boasted humanitarianism still allows public opinion to approve of the barbaric sport of hunting. The advances of the age are advances in mechanism - in radio and television, in computing, in electronics, in jet planes. New world wars threaten, because the world’s social conscience is still primitive.

If people will understand what A. S. Neill is tried to talk about in his Summerhill book, then there would be NONE of any proprietary software at all, by the matter of true freedom. Because people wouldn't even WANT to write such a software when being in such social understanding, how we relate to each other This deep knowledge will help the planet to cultivate ALL the areas of life, including the programming. Because it's cultural question, it's the question of people's social consciousness and minds.

The United States Army dumped 65 tons of nerve gas into the ocean off the coast of Miami near the Golf Stream. They don't know what they are doing. "We want you to dump nerve gas." - "Yes, sir."

Almost every flying plane still drop the defecations in the ocean (and we've almost made a ocean as a world toilet, and we have to fix it). Because they are out of the knowledge. Let them have a chance to understand this!

It may be no exaggeration to say that all children in our civilization are born in a life-disapproving atmosphere. I like Free Software, I share it, I talk about it, I help to people by it. BUT unfreedom begins with birth. Nay, it begins long before birth. If a repressed woman with a rigid body bears a child, who can say what effect the maternal rigidity has on the newborn baby?! No any Free Software will help to prevent such situations, to this poor woman or child to become happier and to live on by their own ways.

The world is suffering from too much condemnation, which is really a fancier way of saying that the world is suffering from too much hate.

Books are the least important apparatus in a school. All that any child needs is the: READING, writing and arithmetic; the rest should be tools and clay and sports, and theater and paint and freedom. Programming, riding bycicle or whatever else you want - from the live experience, just by living.

Most of the schoolwork that adolescents do is simply a waste of time, of energy, of patience. It robs youth of its right to play and play and play; it puts old heads on young shoulders.

That is why the atomic bomb is so sinister, for it is under the control of people who are anti-life for what person whose arms were tied in the cradle is not anti-life?

Everything becomes corrupt. Everything we touch. Once Oppenheimer went to visit Harry Truman (president Harry Truman) and said "Now that we have an atom bomb. Why don't you demonstrate it about 30 miles out at sea? So that Japanese can see it. So you won't have to drop it over Japan. Give them a chance to surrender." Harry Truman said "Get out of my office. I never want to see you guys again." And they dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Because he was a jackass. Most presidents are very stupid people. They know nothing about ecology, evolution of the society, about what shapes human behaviour, and of course they never heard even a bit about Summerhill. Stop a thousand people in Oxford Street and ask them what the word Summerhill conveys to them. Very likely none of them would know the name. Yes, one should cultivate a sense of humor about one’s importance or lack of it. I am ready to if you'd consider this all I am writing now as spam.

Maybe you or some of you will say that this is not important. Seems like you don't suppose that it may be important. Why? Maybe because it's not directly related to Free Software? Are you sure it's not Trisquel relevant? What then is relevant to Free Software, hm? Isn't it - freedom? "We are not even talking about price". Even the eliminating of the blobs in the code is not the main goal. It's just a method, just one of the ways to achive main goal - freedom for people. Freedom is what Free Software all going about. The book "Summerhill - A Radical Approach To Child Rearing" is going about the same - about freedom.

"When my first wife and I began the school, we had one main idea: to make the school fit the child--instead of making the child fit the school."

"My view is that a child is innately wise and realistic. If left to himself without adult suggestion of any kind, he will develop as far as he is capable of developing. Logically, Summerhill is a place in which people who have the innate ability and wish to be scholars will be scholars; while those who are only fit to sweep the streets will sweep the streets. But we have not produced a street cleaner so far. Nor do I write this snobbishly, for I would rather see a school produce a happy street cleaner than a neurotic scholar."

If we'll work together, if we'll join all broken pieces back to the whole one, then we'd have a chance to save the Earth. If, besides Free Software movement, we'll also pay attention at least to Summerhill book, and also to Jacque Fresco - we have a chance to save the Earth. And no one dares to remain neutral. Hatred - is not opposite to love. Love and hate are not opposites.
What is really opposite to love is - indifference, unconcern.
Alexander S. Neill (some names/translations [since ~1960th year]):
"Summerhill - A Radical Approach To Child Rearing" (english)
"Un punto de vista radical sobre la educacion de los ninos" (espanol)
"I ragazzi felici di Summerhill" (italiano)
"Libres enfants de Summerhill" (francais/french)
"Slobodna deca Samerhila" (srpski/serbian)
"Саммерхилл - Воспитание Свободой" (русский/russian)

Also there is nice film "Summerhill Drama" (based on real facts).
Jacque Fresco speeches:
"The Greatest Talk of Jacque Fresco",
"Conférence de Jacque Fresco à Londres",
"Jacque Fresco en Estocolmo",
"Žakas Fresko - Paskaita Stokholme",
"Τι επιφυλάσσει το μέλλον μετά το 2000",
"Речь Жака Фреско в Стокгольме".

Direct links to the speeches above (if you wish): (english) (french/francais subtitles) (spanish/espanol subtitles) (lithuanian/lietuviskai) (greek/Ελληνικά subtitles) (russian/русский; Here I want to beware sensible and vulnerable people about russian video: at the ~1/4 of the russian video there is very ugly picture added by russian translators [in original english video there is not any additional pictures], which appears for a few seconds. I don't know how to edit the video. Sorry about this.)

Thank you very much.
"summerhill-spanish" (42 mb):

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[to teodorescup]

If it is too long for you, and you don't want to read it - that's okay. But when you say "TL;DR" you make it even _more_ long to read.
What the point in writing "TL;DR" ("too long; didn't read")? Too me that looks like useless abundance. When somebody posts an answer - it always takes some area on the forum's screen, even if it's short message. Such answers like "TL;DR", in some sense, just depriving one's chance to talk/pay attention over the actual question... That was just how I tried to express what I wanted to say to people. I am sorry if it may took too long to some people.

I share some knowledge here, and this means I suggest to potential readers some things to consider about, to play with, or to discuss (if a reader is interested in it).

About 15 years before launch to the Moon, many people said: "You'll never get at the Moon!", "Naah!.. Not a thousand years!" - it is language of violence, hatred, wars, misunderstanding, ignorance. Better answer would be: "I know nothing about rockets, I don't know enough about things you said. So, I can't give you an appropriate answer."

So, if you have some ideas - put them; don't be polite. I want people here to listen to what I say. If it makes sense, do it. But don't say "TL;DR"... What the hell is that "TL;DR"? What _do YOU suggest_? But not that "TL;DR" or whatever else. Pin the point, say where you agree or disagree, or how we can improve some of my misunderstanding (if you found one). But not just "I don't like it" (only), or "You'll never get that!" or "TL;DR" - because it's the same language. "TL;DR" is even _worse_ than I "I don't like it" (because "I don't like it" is at least some information, in sense that you've pay some attention to it; anyways, you didn't say "I don't like it", I know. And, actually, quite often people say "I don't like it" even when they didn't pay attention to the question, too...). When somebody outdrive you by the faster car, then alot of people just opens a window, and give this flash: "Idiot!". So... This is same language - language of violence. It's violent communication, or at least - useless, distracting. This is probably the result of inheriting popular idea, that - everybody have his/her own opinion. Well, I am not sure how this thing might be truth, at least because it may be dangerous: when you see one girl going inside a building, and tail of ten men behind her, then.. everybody "have their own opinion". Who is she? English instructor, ballet instructor? Who? But "everybody have their own opinion". "Nah! My opinion isn't worse than yours!"... "TL;DR" - is very nice example of being convinced in "My opinion isn't worse than yours!".

One said: "Why you giving me a lecture, I just wanna answer!". I am hasten to say that there are no "answers". Everything is complicated (from word - "complex").

If you'd want to answer something on this current message of mine, then - please, write a PM for me rather that posting it in here.