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I have seen people online say that importing bookmarks from another browser to Tor is unsafe but they never give a reason. Any thoughts on this from those here ? I have a feeling they mean that the general idea of bookmarks is unsafe, Tor or no, but nobody ever seems to elaborate.

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I also had the same fears for a long time, though mine were more specific (if a website was to be able to access my bookmarks then it would be a good picture of the websites I visited more often, quite de-anonymizing).

However, as Magic Banana said, there is no indication that such an access is possible from any website. So that is out of the window.

HOWEVER.... Importing bookmarks from the internet (random stuff with JS in it etc) could be dangerous if you don't know what exactly those will do, or even if you think you are importing the correct list of onion sites which are in turn phishing versions of onion sites for example.

So, yeah, importing bookmarks by itself is not dangerous if you trust the bookmarks.


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If you used Firefox Sync to import your bookmarks then that could possibly be an issue, but I can't think of any reason that importing bookmarks dumped by another browser would be deanonymizing. The Tor Project has a page explaining how to do this, with no mention of any potential risks.