JShelter -- a firefox addon announced by FSF

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Just thought to post this after installing it. I think I have been looking for something like this for a long time. It can't be sufficient to solely depend on running only free software scripts and at the same time it is difficult to get by running as such. So my question is web security complete with Torbrowser, LibreJS, NoScript, and JShelter?

Also is JShelter a combination of Javascript Restrictor and Shield.



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This is really exciting news!

> is web security complete with Torbrowser, LibreJS, NoScript, and JShelter?

Not really, as far as I'm aware; intuitively I suspect vulnerabilities in the browser are a rather rare exploit compared with vulnerabilities on the server or choices made by the user.

Also, LibreJS is not a security tool; it is only focused on maintaining software freedom while browsing. Despite the fact that it does generally increase security as well, that is only incidental and done in a better way by NoScript.

(Tor Browser and jShelter a technically not security tools either, yet the overlap)

> Also is JShelter a combination of Javascript Restrictor and Shield.

Yes; the two projects merged.

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LibreJS while it had good motives, was not really what people needed, this is what they needed. Yes indeed!

Javascript Redirector is a good addon, for any good FF based web browser.

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I've been using it with abrowser on Trisquel. It's a bit different from other privacy add-ons, in that you set the security level for each page. So, unlike noscript where you are turning individual scripts on or off for each page, with jshelter you are just setting a "security level" for each page, and jshelter figures out how to implement that security level.

To install jshelter on abrowser, navigate to the Firefox add-ons page and search for the "Javascript Restrictor" add-on. That's what jshelter is called for firefox, and abrowser uses firefox extensions.

It works very well. It blocks ads also - in fact I would say it's a top-notch adblocker. This might be the only privacy extension you need - it's possible you could get rid of your ad-blocker and other tracker blockers all with this one extension. Very interesting. I need to run some tests on how well its anti-fingerprinting is working. If it works well, then this is a little miracle extension.

>"is web security complete with Torbrowser, LibreJS, NoScript, and JShelter?"

I wouldn't use it with Noscript or with Librejs, since you are then going to be having different add-ons trying to control javascript and other stuff on each page, often in conflict with each other. I would use jshelter by itself.

I wouldn't use it with Torbrowser, because Torbrowser is supposed to be used "as-is" in order to maximize your online invisibility. As soon as you introduce a new privacy extension on Torbrowser, you are going to stand out from all the other instances of Torbrowser and make yourself trackable.