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Hello everyone,

Well, since the forum doesn't have a "introduction" page, I decided to introduce myself here.

I am GNUser, and I have recently moved to GNU / Trisquel. I have been using many linux distros for some time now, but decided to use a free software only system because what I like the most when using a computer is Security, Privacy, Freedom, Control, Usability. I am not a "free software only extremist", but I consider that right now the only way to have those things is by using a true GNU system, a free software only system.

Having said that, I choose Trisquel because, far from being perfect I find it fills my needs perfectly for now. Not only it's a good and usable system, it also fits a CD which avoids wasting bandwith and DVDs to run this. NICE ;) I would like to thank everyone who has developed and supported this project for so long.
I hope I can give something back to the community of users and maintainers here, I have read some threads here and everyone seems to be polite, intelligent, and have a desire of making this a good place. I think I will like it here and I hope it won't be me ruining all the fun xD

Well, this is it for now, thanks everyone =) (sorry if this double posts, I am having some errors here =S)

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Welcome GNUser!
hope you have good time with your new system and you keep your values alive.
Most people here use almost "freedom only", and some of them (including me) don't like the expression "extremist".
I think it is better not to use it and keep this term for real extremists.

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HUm... thanks for the reply. Anyway, lol, my first day in school and I am already in risk of detention? :P

What I meant is that I have a.... kind of very personal, very different view on some society issues, and in some ways I disagree with some people on the Free Software movement, and since my disagreement usually hits on the most "freedom only" persons (the ones the public usually calls extremists) I usually like to say that I am not an extremist. But anyway, can I go home now? :P


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I used to think the same way, but the other users thoughts about free software kind of... grew on me. :) (Maybe reading on http://www.gnu.org/philosophy helped too.)