Just opens m$ spreadsheets using KDE apps

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Just thanks to KDE for me to open m$office documents using KDE apps (which is free software, means for the FreeBSD and Linux desktop users), just needs to promote KDE to the most people which you use the office files very much, the KDE apps works for this are Calligra-Stage and Okular. :)
For painting KDE has KolourPaint, for desktop design they have Calligra-Karbon, Krita, Scribus, for screenshooting they have Spectacle; for sound and video they have VLC; for desktop-Android interactions they have KDE-connect...
There are no longer excuses to be still using m$win. At least you need to "upgrade" to FreeBSD and Linux and their distro (GNU distro for the best) to benefit against nonfree software.

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I'm curious about what happened to (Calligra) Stage. The Calligra 3.0 release note said that "Stage has gone in this release but we intend to bring them back in the future." It did not return in Calligra 3.1, as said in Calligra 3.1 release note, "Calligra 3.1.0 with the following apps included: Words, Sheets, Karbon, Gemini, and Plan."