Mouse scroll and brightness control problems after upgrading to Linux-libre

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I installed Guix package manager on Trisquel. It was very nice, Guix now lets me easily install many newer programs. Now Trisquel and Guix are very happy together.

But I also wanted to test Guix containers from Trisquel. I understood from Guix documentation that I would need Linux-libre for that, so I followed Banana's nice instructions to upgrade the kernel [0].

After the upgrade everything was working as good as always. Everything but two little things. And I still have not found the way to solve them.

- The first one is: when the system wakes up after being suspended, the scroll of the mouse does not work properly, it hardly scrolls. It is one of these wireless mice that uses a USB stick, so when my computer wakes up after being suspended, now I always have to pull the USB stick off and plug it in again so that the scroll works properly.

- The second one: the key shortcuts of my laptop which control the screen brightness also stopped working after the kernel upgrade.

As a workaround I am using a script that uses xrandr --brightness but it does not really work. If I try to make things darker with this script, it does not reduce my screen brightness, it kind of adds some grey on the top of the screen but you keep seeing the light behind.

Thank you!


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> test Guix containers from Trisquel

I did not know about these. Sounds very interesting indeed:

" Additionally, some containers may be created by unprivileged users, allowing any Guix user to create isolated sandboxes for their applications to play in."

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Your mouse problem could be the same as in

I found that page while investigating a mouse problem on Parabola, but my mouse behaviour was not that one.