New GNUinos live ISO's for 64 and 32-bit are available

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I see we have a new Trisquel 11 Beta available, very exciting!!

There's also today some new GNUinos libre ISO's posted to the Chimaera live mirror, both 32-bit (PAE and non-PAE) and 64-bit, with XFCE or openbox.

GNUinos is the new(ish) libre version of Devuan. Seems to run pretty well.

Lots of cool looking Libre distros for us to try. My personal favorite right now is Hyperbola 0.4, and I hear they may be working on a 0.4.1 or some such version increase.

Anyway - happy testing!

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Cool, will give the i686 version a spin on my netbook. Thanks for the post.