[packaging] freedombox tries to install packages from Debian repos

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When you install the freedombox package, it installs and works as
expected. I do not know if it connects to Debian, though.

When you want to install the freedombox applications while running the
program, it tries to connect to Debian and download the requiered
packages. Would it be too complicated to change the freedombox package
to not connect to the Debian repos and instead connect to Trisquel

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This should probably be reported as an Issue so that it can be tracked. Please see the "Issues" link on the right side of the website.

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I sent my message by mail and see your response on the forum. But I did not receive your post in my email.

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It does not work with my forum user. I cannot find a place to register a user in that Gitlab instance. I only found Sign in.

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Yes, automated registration has been disabled there because of spam.

Other known channels to reach the devs are #trisquel on irc.libera.chat or the trisquel-devel mailing list. That is also where you may ask for a new account on the Trisquel Gitlab.

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I will try the mailing list because I when I log in to the Gitlab instance, it requires Javascript which I have blocked for security.

And I do not like the policies of Libera much more than those of Freenode. So I avoid Libera as much as possible.

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quiliro -

if you prefer email, you can use mailing list https://listas.trisquel.info/mailman/listinfo/trisquel-devel

probably, you did not get responses, because you are using two different accounts

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Why don't I receive all the posts that everyone makes on the mailing list / forum on my email. I only get my own.


I am a member!

I am a translator!

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Please report a bug with more details.
Like distribution, package version, how to replicate the issue, logs, etc., a well defined issue helps to be solved.