ProteanOS endorsed by FSF

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The embedded system distro ProteanOS has finally been endorsed by the FSF:

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Very cool, about time. :)

For those who are intrested, this is the distro that Gluglug want to come pre-installed on future Libreboot systems in addition to your daily runner.

"Coming soon (in a future libreboot update):

ProteanOS BusyBox/Linux-libre operating system pre-installed
directly in the SPI flash chip, alongside Libreboot. This will mean that
the user has a full operating system available at all times (as part of
the boot firmware) as a boot menu option for recovery or any other
purpose such as updating libreboot, even if the HDD or SSD is removed
from the system. Those who order today will receive this as a software
update when available, with installation instructions.

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That's very good news. Does it provide an ARM port? I couldn't find any information about that.

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I think it's a source distribution.