Return of the revenge of javascript once again

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Hi, most of you are probably already used to me complaining about LibreJS and telling everyone around that we need a new extension to actually substitute scripts on sites.

Work on such new extension is somehow advancing and I've even set up an issue tracker for it. That means the project is pretty much ready to welcome new contributors. You can all feel invited. There is surely some way you can help, even if you don't know javascript (and if you know it, that's even better).

There's another interesting thing. We're going to apply to one of NLnet funds[1] that happens to _exactly_ match our project's goals. We're looking for a mentor to help us with this. If you have any experience with such applications, please share it with us.

Documentation* (also contains non-technical concept explanation):
Issue tracker:
Git repo:

If you have questions, comments, advice or constructive critique, you
can also write directly to me: $(echo a29zemtvQGtvc3prby5vcmcK | base64 -d)

Side-note: project will use the name "Hachette", inherited from Jahoti's
extension. Documentation and source code are not yet updated to use
that name, though.


* In the future, documentation is going to be moved to our issue
tracker's wiki:

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Thanks for the information, I'll see how I can help.

By the way, in case you are not aware, Hachette is the name of a major book publishing company owned by several of the biggest French capitalists, among whom Vincent Bolloré is known for suing journalists publishing things showing his business in a way he doesn't like, asking for crazy amounts of money for the claimed damages and suing also in courts of African countries in which journalists are easily put in jail.

Perhaps using that name is not a problem though, but I don't know.

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Thanks for info. We'll reconsider the name :)

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I think "hachette" would be fine. It is first and foremost a common noun and your project is not about publishing books. Although one might argue that "apple" and "window" are also supposed to be first and foremost common nouns.

If you have any qualms about it, you can always choose "hatchet" or "machete" instead.