selecting ram for t400 libreboot computer

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My reading has been, that after installing libreboot you cannot expect
the present ram to work. And if there are 2 ram modules, then they
both have to be the same brand, model and size. Therefore
I left the 2gb ram module inside the computer and removed a 1
gb ram module. The 2gb ram module works with libreboot.
If a 2gb ram module works with libreboot can you then be
sure if you add one more of the same ram module, then
it all 4gb ram will work?
Are there 4gb ram modules known to work with libreboot. Configuration
only one 4 gb ram module in the computer.

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Almost all 4 GiB modules with 16 chips work with X200, T400 or W500 series. There may be very few 16-chip 4 GiB PC3L-12800 (DDR3L 1600 MHz) incompatible.

Don't buy 4 GiB modules with only 8 chips. I've never seen such a high-density module work on said platform.

As with original firmware, up to 8 GiB of memory is supported by the 4-series chipset. I have donated such libreboot/coreboot X200 and T400 to community.