Should Edward Snowden should be held as a traitor and a spy?

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A rejoint: 06/08/2013

Federal prosecutors have charged Edward Snowden (leaker of PRISM) with three felonies. Is this right?

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A rejoint: 01/09/2013

Charges are the following:

1- For telling the truth to the public.
2- For not taking shit from "big brother"
3- He is label as a traitor because NSA is in deep shit!
Is he Guilty? NO!
Is he a traitor? Yes! He betray NSA
Is he a Hero? No another digital urban tell,
Is he in deep shit? Bet your ass, he is, Will he bail out of this? As long he stays in Russia,,,,,,,

You be the Judge....

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A rejoint: 07/17/2013

No, in my opinion, he should be held as a hero of the people and the free world.
Jacob Appelbaum, Julian Assange, Snowden, and many others, should be seen as heroes. Not traitors or "crazy" like some people already tried to make them look.

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A rejoint: 03/01/2013

Snowden, Assange, Manning should be free.

And US Government should stop wasting time, money and energy. They should stop spying everybody.

They should use free softwares. ^^

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A rejoint: 07/27/2013

The interesting thing is that what Edward Snowden have revealed has been known for years. The PRISM program has not been known but all the snooping of all phone and internet traffic registration has been known for years.

It seems to weird that only when mass media is saying something people listen. It's like mass media is thinking for humanity.