[SOLVED] samba printer 'client-error-not-possible'

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A rejoint: 08/25/2010

I was getting the following message when trying to add a shared printer:

There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-not-possible'.

All you have to do to solve it is to install the package called: smbclient

This will also enable the option "Windows printer via samba" while adding a new printer.

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Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes the error messages are somewhat unintuitive!

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Hi, I had exactly the same problem, but installing smbclient did not solve it. Now I get the error: "Unable to connect to CIFS host". Any idea? I think this is a broader samba issue because trying to connect to a samba share in the file manager I get the error: "Error: Failed to mount Windows share. Please select another viewer and try again."