Trisquel/Thinkpad started freezing recently

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Hi everyone,

I just fixed wifi issues I was having recently. While I was having these issues, I went to my friends house to test my wifi to make sure it wasn't a wifi adapter issue. It connected to their home network so it was indeed my home network connection.
I replaced my modem and now everything is up and running.

While I was at their house, I upgraded my ram and now I have 8GB and not 4GB.

Ever since my wifi is up and running at home, my thinkpad has been freezing here and there. Only option is to restart my thinkpad with the power button.

I do not know if is my wifi or ram thats causing this new freezing issue. It never happend.

I bought this thinkpad preinstalled with trisquel 9. its corebooted. Has no proprietary hardware i think.

Anyone have a potential solution?

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Well, if you have recently made hardware change and are now experiencing freezing then that hardware change would seem to be your primary suspect. Remove the new memory chips for a while. Does the problem go away?

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My own Thinkpad T420 has been freezing now and then ... more now ... because of a worn-out USB port.
One day I'm going to have to find a workaround.

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Will have to give this a shot.

First thing I did was stop a program I had running in the background. Hasnt frozen yet. if it freezes, ill remove one memory stick.