wget router pages?

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I screwed up my server settings and want to reset the router totally (i.e. with a fresh install).

Before doing so, I would like to keep an exact copy of the settings as they are right now.

I was wondering if I can do that with wget?

without success I have tried using this advise (with my credentials etc.):# Log in to the server. This only needs to be done once.
wget --save-cookies cookies.txt \
--keep-session-cookies \
--post-data 'user=my_username&password=my_password' \
--delete-after \ --no-check-certificate
# Now grab the page or pages we care about.
wget -r --load-cookies cookies.txt \ --no-check-certificate

The first command gives me 'cookies.txt' file with the content of:# HTTP cookie file.
# Generated by Wget on 2020-10-14 14:20:09.
# Edit at your own risk.

The second command gives me a directory called '' containing an 'index.html' file which I have attached (I can not enter it here since it is html!)

Apparently, something does not work as intended.

Help is highly appreciated.

PS: My router is a Netgear WNDR3800 running LibreCMC

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'wget' downloads what anybody can access on your Web server, not its configuration as far as I understand.

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My provider (Verizon FIOS) says to turn it off, count to 100, and turn it back on.

The next most extreme is to see if the manufacturer recommends a hard reset, as with a paperclip.

All these recommendations strongly suggest that only a dedicated hacker can get into the ROM
where the operational codes reside.

The router's label is a good place to start ...