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Hi! I did a dual install of 5.5 on my (old) WinXP laptop. I tried Ubuntu, but I really wasn't feeling the Unity thing. I do like Trisquel, but I'm having trouble getting the wifi to work. After doing some poking around, it seems the driver for my card is installed, but I can't see any available networks. It works in WinXP. (It's definitely enabled.) I understand some cards won't work with free software, but I'm rather confused since the driver was installed.

I'm new but this is what I was able to learn:
"lspci" gives me:
03:03.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection [8086:4220] (rev 05)
Subsystem: Intel Corporation Dell B130 laptop integrated WLAN [8086:2721]
Kernel modules: ipw2200

I checked the h-node site, but the last version it was tested on was 4.0. To me, that's outdated. Intel's site tells me go to sourceforge, where I found that the driver has been included in the linux kernel for some time now. A "/sbin/modinfo ipw2200" gives me: (short version)
filename: /lib/modules/3.0.0-19-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/ipw2x00/ipw2200.ko
license: GPL
author: Copyright(c) 2003-2006 Intel Corporation
version: 1.2.2kmprq
description: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 Network Driver

So if I'm reading this right, it's there. What am I missing to make this work?


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That chipset is not compatible with free software. It won't work with Trisquel. You may be able to replace the internal Mini PCIe wifi card. However HP, Lenovo/IBM, Toshiba, and Dell have been implementing digital restrictions that prevent the upgrade or replacement of cards. If you can't or may not be able to replace this in your system a USB wifi card should still work.

Atheros AR9170 (USB N chipset) and Realtek RTL8187B (USB G) or RTL8187L (USB G) work with Trisquel.

Cards with these chipsets aren't generally being manufactured any more or readily available. Large stocks which did exist several months ago are completely depleted now.

There is one factory where we can still get cards with the 8187B chipset manufactured cost effectively. They still have the fabrication equipment in tact and operational. There is another factory which can supposedly manufacture more of the USB cards with the AR9170 chipset for us. However we had a conversation several months ago... with another company who also said this. By the time we got to it they had dismantled the equipment and/or wouldn't sell remaining stocks except to old customers.

We are also working to get support for a newer Atheros USB chipset. Atheros has to release the code first though... that depends on Atheros legal.

Going back to the Mini PCIe / Mini PCIe Half Height Cards the ones which work are those with chipsets from Atheros. Any N Atheros chipset in PCI/PCIe format should in theory work. There is a problem with many of the desktop PCI/PCIe cards though (on some systems)... even though the chipsets are supported by Linux/Libre-linux. We haven't seen any issues with the laptop Mini PCIe (or half heights) (where there isn't a digital restriction issue at least).

Also- if you purchase from us Trisquel gets 25% of the profits. It also helps us work on improving support and availability. There are a number of items we would like to work on in the future. Like getting Atheros to release the source code for a bluetooth chipset so that we can use a combo Mini PCIe wifi/bluetooth card in our laptops. We also want to put out a PCI Wifi card with a low profile bracket for slim desktop machines. Amongst may other products...