xmpp client recommendations

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I currently use mcabber as my XMPP client. I am generally happy with
it, but it does not support OMEMO, and it does not look like it will any
time soon. Does anyone know of an XMPP client which, in order of

* supports OMEMO

* can be ergonomically navigated using only the keyboard

* has a TUI interface



[1] https://bitbucket.org/McKael/mcabber-crew/issues/156


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Could someone port Gajim to ncurses?

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For GNU/Linux, I use Psi/Plus or Pidgin. For Android (LineageOS), I use Xabber and Pix-Art. It might be possible to support OMEMO via plugins in Pidgin.

Because OTR is very important to me, I have to say goodbye to Gajim and Conversations, as they officially refuse to support OTR anymore.

It's a pity that those clients promoting OMEMO refuse to support OTR.