GNU Cash: some keyboard keys don't work

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The left, right, and backspace keys don't work in GNU Cash.

This problem from 2010 looks similar:

mar, 07/15/2014 - 19:58

I marked this as "normal" priority, but I think that it is critical for people who use GNU Cash. This bug makes GNU Cash unusable.

ven, 12/19/2014 - 18:22

The problem relates to the input method. Disabling IBus (that runs by default) fixes it (after a disconnection/reconnection from/to the graphical session):
$ echo 'export XMODIFIERS=@im=none' > ~/.xprofile

mar, 12/23/2014 - 17:04

I'm sorry, but this is not a usable workaround. It requires me to disable my input methods while using GnuCash, then re-enabling them afterwards. I suppose being in a monolingual computing environment would make my life easier, but I shouldn't need to disable language inputs in order to use any software.