Package issues when upgrading from Trisquel 7 to 8

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Hi, I did an upgrade from Trisquel 7 to 8 on my laptop the other day and there were issues with some of the packages. I was using Trisquel 7 full install, although with Gnome switched out for LXDE. To do the upgrade, I changed the repositories listed in /etc/sources.list from 'Belenos' to 'Flidas'; then I ran apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. I logged the output of apt-get dist-upgrade to a file, which I will attach.

The upgrade seemed to crash out after running into some packages that had problems. Hopefully you can see in the log. Many of those packages seemed to relate to texlive, although trisquel-session and plymouth-theme-trisquel-logo also had problems.

After the upgrade quit, I tried to run apt-get -f install, but it wouldn't run because of the broken dependencies. So, I removed most of the packages that were having problems, at which point apt kicked off into setting up the rest of the packages and completing the upgrade process. Everything seems to be ok now and my Trisquel 8 system with LXDE is working fine, although the upgrade process wasn't very smooth, because of those issues.

There were also some error messages when I ran apt-get update before the upgrade, relating to GPG keys and some package issues. I will attach the log file for that also.

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Sam, 01/15/2022 - 06:58
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Trisquel 8.0 support ended in April 2021.
Please open a new issue in case it remains on the current supported release.