Torrent files are missing for Trisquel 9.0

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As shown in the screenshot attached, the torrent files are unavailable, even after trying different mirrors.

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no torrent.png32.2 Ko
lun, 11/16/2020 - 10:01

So, after some searching, I found this link:

I have downloaded the torrent files, and will attach them here if anyone wants to verify them.

I wish to seed the torrents as much as I can.

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trisquel_9.0_amd64.iso.torrent 203.05 Ko
trisquel_9.0_i686.iso.torrent 202.85 Ko
triskel_9.0_amd64.iso.torrent 157.01 Ko
triskel_9.0_i686.iso.torrent 160.12 Ko
trisquel-mini_9.0_amd64.iso.torrent 95.26 Ko
trisquel-mini_9.0_i686.iso.torrent 95.25 Ko
trisquel-sugar_9.0_amd64.iso.torrent 88.53 Ko
trisquel-sugar_9.0_i686.iso.torrent 88.88 Ko
lun, 11/16/2020 - 11:59

Came to post literally this issue. Thanks for the torrent files, I was looking for them to seed them as well.