[GFSD Issue] GNOME 3 Desktop Guide suggests non-free software

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The Ubuntu Desktop Guide is included with Trisquel by default. Clicking Help in Nautilus brings up a small help window that suggests non-free software.

One example of non-free software that is included in this help is a how-to on installing Skype from the Ubuntu repositories.

This documentation is inherited from Ubuntu.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Nautilus
  • Press the F1 key
  • Click "Ubuntu Desktop Guide" at the bottom to go to the home page.
dim, 11/04/2012 - 04:48
Titre:"Ubuntu Desktop Guide" (Nautilus help) suggests non-free software» [GFSD Issue] "Ubuntu Desktop Guide" (Nautilus help) suggests non-free software
Priorité:normal» critical

Hey good bug report. Good find and thanks for the clear steps to reproduce. I am marking this as critical because as you mention there is a how-to on how to install skype and such.

dim, 11/04/2012 - 05:15

Okay, thanks. I might be able to fix some of the documentation in the next few months, during my holidays.

mer, 11/07/2012 - 03:14

Using automated tools (like grep), I was able to produce a list of files that need to be modified. I will hopefully start this in a few weeks, for the English documentation.

The problem packet is called "ubuntu-docs", which stores its documentation in /usr/share/help/[LANG]/ubuntu-help.

I propose that the package should be renamed in Trisquel repos to "trisquel-docs". The trisquel-docs package would use the directory "trisquel-help" instead of "ubuntu-help", and a symlink make from ubuntu-help to trisquel-help (to not break anything).

So far I've got a list of 92 files that need to be modified (for Trisquel 5.5). Once I'm on holidays I will make the changes for English, and release an unofficial package. I'll post the files that need to be changed in my next comment.

There's a lot of files that need to be changed because they mention Ubuntu (not Trisquel), use "Linux" instead of GNU/Linux, or require other edits.

mar, 11/06/2012 - 10:31

[accidental post, please ignore]

mer, 11/07/2012 - 03:13

Files that need to be modified for Trisquel 5.5 ubuntu-docs are listed below (all in directory "/usr/share/help/C/ubuntu-help/"):

a11y-icon.page (Ubuntu naming)
a11y.page (Ubuntu naming)
about-this-guide.page (Ubuntu naming)
addremove-install-synaptic.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-install.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-ppa.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-remove.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-sources.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center, Skype)
app-cheese.page (Ubuntu naming)
backup-where.page (Bad network backup suggestion)
bluetooth-problem-connecting.page (GNU/Linux naming)
bluetooth-turn-on-off.page (Ubuntu naming)
clock-more-info.page (Ubuntu naming)
clock-set.page (Ubuntu naming)
color-calibrationdevices.page (GNU/Linux naming)
disk-benchmark.page (Ubuntu naming)
disk-capacity.page (Ubuntu naming)
disk-check.page (Ubuntu naming)
disk-format.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming)
display-2monitors.page (Ubuntu naming)
fallback-mode.page (Ubuntu-specific information)
files-browse.page (Ubuntu naming)
get-involved.page (Ubuntu naming)
hardware-cardreader.page (GNU/Linux naming)
hardware-driver-proprietary.page (No proprietary drivers in Trisquel)
hardware-driver.page (GNU/Linux naming)
index.page (Ubuntu naming)
look-background.page (Ubuntu naming)
mouse-middleclick.page (Ubuntu naming)
mouse-problem-notmoving.page (Ubuntu naming)
music-cantplay-drm.page (DRM, GNU/Linux naming)
music-player-newipod.page (GNU/Linux naming)
net-adhoc.page (GNU/Linux naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-antivirus.page (Software Center, GNU/Linux naming, facts?)
net-browser.page (Ubuntu naming, information on installing Flash)
net-chat-empathy.page (Ubuntu naming)
net-chat-skype.page (Skype)
net-chat-social.page (Ubuntu naming)
net-chat-video.page (Ubuntu naming, Skype)
net-chat.page (Ubuntu naming, Skype)
net-default-browser.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-default-email.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-email-virus.page (GNU/Linux naming)
net-firewall-on-off.page (Ubuntu naming)
net-fixed-ip-address.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-install-flash.page (Flash is proprietary software)
net-install-java-plugin.page (Ubuntu naming)
net-install-moonlight.page (GNU/Linux naming)
net-mobile.page (Ubuntu naming)
net-nonm.page (Ubuntu naming)
net-security-tips.page (GNU/Linux naming, free vs open source)
net-security.page (Ubuntu naming)
net-vpn-connect.page (Software Center, possible proprietary software hint)
net-wireless-airplane.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-connect.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-disconnecting.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-hidden.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-troubleshooting-device-drivers.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming)
net-wireless-troubleshooting-hardware-check.page (Needs Trisquel-specific support info)
power-batterywindows.page (GNU/Linux naming)
power-closelid.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming)
power-constantfan.page (GNU/Linux naming)
power-suspendfail.page (GNU/Linux naming)
printing-inklevel.page (GNU/Linux naming)
printing-select.page (Ubuntu naming)
printing-setup-default-printer.page (Ubuntu naming)
printing-setup.page (Ubuntu naming)
report-ubuntu-bug.page (Ubuntu naming)
screen-shot-record.page (Ubuntu naming)
session-loginsound.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-apps-favorites.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-exit.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-guest-session.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-keyboard-shortcuts.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-windows-switching.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-windows.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-workspaces-movewindow.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-workspaces-switch.page (Ubuntu naming)
shell-workspaces.page (Ubuntu naming)
sound-crackle.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming)
sound-nosound.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming)
tips-specialchars.page (Ubuntu naming)
unity-appmenu-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
unity-dash-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, Software Center)
unity-introduction.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
unity-launcher-change-size.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, Software Center)
unity-launcher-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
user-changepassword.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
video-dvd-restricted.page (Ubuntu naming, DRM, GNU/Linux naming)
video-dvd.page (DRM)
video-sending.page (Software Center, GNU/Linux naming)
windows-key.page (Ubuntu naming)

The files with Ubuntu/Unity-specific problems might not have freedom-related issues; they only need changes so that the instructions work for GNOME Fallback Mode rather than Unity. I could put these into a separate bug report if necessary.

mar, 11/06/2012 - 10:41
Assigné à:anonymous» andrew

I will assign this to myself for now.

jeu, 11/22/2012 - 04:31

I've edited over half of the files listed above so far.

I've changed the Skype page so that it is a "Skype replacements" page. Is this okay? I've included some duplicate information in the "Video calls" (net-chat-video.page) file as well.

jeu, 12/06/2012 - 20:39
Version:» 6.0

Present on 6.0 version dated 12/1/12

mar, 12/18/2012 - 02:43

I will be a bit busy at the moment but I should have a fix by January sometime (perhaps mid-Jan).

jeu, 02/07/2013 - 23:02

Updated list of files that are to be edited, for Trisquel 6.0:

a11y-bouncekeys.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y-contrast.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y-dwellclick.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y-font-size.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y-icon.page.stub (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro")
a11y-right-click.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y-slowkeys.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y-stickykeys.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y-visualalert.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
a11y.page (Ubuntu naming)
about-this-guide.page (Ubuntu naming, delete link to "unity-introduction")
addremove-install-synaptic.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-install.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-ppa.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-remove.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
addremove-sources.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center, Skype)
app-cheese.page (Ubuntu naming, Software Center)
backup-where.page (Bad network backup suggestion)
bluetooth-connect-device.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
bluetooth-problem-connecting.page (GNU/Linux naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
bluetooth-remove-connection.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
bluetooth-send-file.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
bluetooth-turn-on-off.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, Bluetooth icon path needs changing)
clock-calendar.page (Make Trisquel-specific)
clock-more-info.page (Ubuntu naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
clock-set.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, Ubuntu naming)
clock.page (delete reference to clock-calendar.page because it will be deleted)
color-calibrationdevices.page (GNU/Linux naming)
disk-benchmark.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-dash-intro" link to "gnome-menu-intro")
disk-capacity.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
disk-check.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
disk-format.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, GNU/Linux naming)
disk-partitions.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
display-dimscreen.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
display-dual-monitors.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
display-lock.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
fallback-mode.page (Ubuntu-specific information - delete)
files-autorun.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
files-browse.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
files-open.page (Change MP3 reference to OGG, webm or another free format)
get-involved.page (Ubuntu-specific, rename "ubuntu-report-bug" to "trisquel-report-bug" (2))
hardware-cardreader.page (GNU/Linux naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
hardware-driver-proprietary.page (No proprietary drivers in Trisquel - delete)
hardware-driver.page (GNU/Linux naming)
index.page (Ubuntu naming, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro" (2), change "unity-dash-intro" link to "gnome-menu-intro" (2), delete link to "unity-introduction" (2), delete link to "unity-launcher-intro" (2))
keyboard-layouts.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
keyboard-nav.page (Ubuntu-specific keyboard shortcuts)
keyboard-osk.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
keyboard-repeat-keys.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
keyboard-shortcuts-set.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
look-background.page (Ubuntu naming)
look-display-fuzzy.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
look-resolution.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
media.page (rename "iPods" to "portable music players")
mouse-disabletouchpad.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
mouse-doubleclick.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
mouse-drag-threshold.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
mouse-lefthanded.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
mouse-middleclick.page (Ubuntu link (?), Firefox naming)
mouse-mousekeys.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
mouse-sensitivity.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
mouse-touchpad-click.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
music-cantplay-drm.page (DRM, GNU/Linux naming)
music-player-newipod.page (GNU/Linux naming, proprietary software recommendations - delete)
music-player-notrecognized.page (change "MP3 player" to "portable music player", remove link to newipod page)
net-antivirus.page (Software Center, GNU/Linux naming, facts?)
net-browser.page (rename flash link to "net-install-gnash" - the page will be renamed)
net-chat-empathy.page (Ubuntu naming, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro" (2), change "unity-dash-intro" link to "gnome-menu-intro", remove link to "unity-launcher-intro")
net-chat-skype.page (Rename to "net-chat-skype-replacement.page" and provide info on Skype replacements)
net-chat-social.page (Ubuntu naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific, warn against using Facebook, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro")
net-chat-video.page (Ubuntu naming, remove Skype reference)
net-chat.page (rename "net-chat-skype" to "net-chat-skype-replacement" - the page will be renamed)
net-default-browser.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-default-email.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-email-virus.page (GNU/Linux naming)
net-findip.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-firewall-on-off.page (Ubuntu naming, Ubuntu link, Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-fixed-ip-address.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-general.page (comment out or remove link to stub "net-proxy")
net-install-flash.page (Rename to "net-install-gnash.page" and provide info on Gnash and other Flash replacements)
net-install-moonlight.page (never included in Trisquel, GNU/Linux naming, mentions of proprietary software - delete)
net-macaddress.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-manual.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-mobile.page (Ubuntu naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro")
net-nonm.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-dash-intro" link to "gnome-menu-intro")
net-othersconnect.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-othersedit.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-proxy.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - change to stub (incomplete))
net-security-tips.page (GNU/Linux naming, free vs open source)
net-slow.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-vpn-connect.page (Software Center, Ubuntu/Unity-specific, possible proprietary software hint)
net-wired-connect.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-adhoc.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-airplane.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-connect.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-disconnecting.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-edit-connection.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-hidden.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
net-wireless-noconnection.page (what alternative drivers?)
net-wireless-troubleshooting-device-drivers.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming, Ubuntu link, remove link to delete proprietary driver page, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro")
net-wireless-troubleshooting-hardware-check.page (Needs Trisquel-specific support info)
net-wrongnetwork.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
power-batterywindows.page (GNU/Linux naming)
power-closelid.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, GNU/Linux naming)
power-constantfan.page (GNU/Linux naming)
power-hibernate.page (Ubuntu naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
power-lowpower.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
power-nowireless.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
power-suspendfail.page (GNU/Linux naming)
power-whydim.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
printing-cancel-job.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
printing-inklevel.page (GNU/Linux naming)
printing-setup-default-printer.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro")
printing-setup.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro")
report-ubuntu-bug.page (Ubuntu naming - rename to report-trisquel-bug.page and id to "trisquel-report-bug")
screen-shot-record.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
session-formats.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
session-language.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
session-loginsound.page.stub (Ubuntu naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
session-screenlocks.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
sharing-desktop.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
shell-apps-favorites.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - rename to "shell-apps-panel.page", change "unity-dash-intro" link to "gnome-menu-intro", remove link to "unity-launcher-intro")
shell-exit.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-appmenu-intro" link to "gnome-panel-intro")
shell-guest-session.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - delete page)
shell-keyboard-shortcuts.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
shell-overview.page (delete link to "unity-introduction")
shell-windows-maximize.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
shell-windows-states.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, remove link to "unity-launcher-intro")
shell-windows-switching.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
shell-windows-tiled.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - change to stub)
shell-windows.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
shell-workspaces-movewindow.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, remove link to "unity-launcher-intro")
shell-workspaces-switch.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, remove link to "unity-launcher-intro")
shell-workspaces.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "unity-dash-intro" link to "gnome-menu-intro", remove link to "unity-launcher-intro")
sound-alert.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
sound-crackle.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming, MP3 player)
sound-nosound.page (Ubuntu naming, GNU/Linux naming, Ubuntu/Unity-specific, change "ubuntu-report-bug" link to "trisquel-report-bug", change "unity-dash-intro" link to "gnome-menu-intro")
sound-usemic.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
sound-usespeakers.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
sound-volume.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
tips-specialchars.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
unity-appmenu-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - rename page to gnome-panel-intro (including id), fix images)
unity-dash-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, Software Center - rename page to gnome-menu-intro (including id))
unity-hud-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - delete page)
unity-introduction.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - delete page)
unity-launcher-change-size.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, Software Center - delete page)
unity-launcher-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - delete page)
unity-scrollbars-intro.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - delete page)
user-accounts.page (remove link to deleted page "shell-guest-session")
user-add.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific, remove link to deleted page "shell-guest-session")
user-admin-change.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
user-changepicture.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific - change to stub (incomplete))
user-changepicture.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
user-delete.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
user-forgottenpassword.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)
video-dvd-restricted.page (Ubuntu naming, DRM, GNU/Linux naming)
video-dvd.page (DRM)
video-sending.page (Software Center, GNU/Linux naming)
windows-key.page (Ubuntu/Unity-specific)

dim, 02/03/2013 - 04:37

Just letting everyone know that I finished fixing the documentation a few weeks ago. But I still have a few things to do:

- finish editing Makefile
- create script to do some replacements automatically
- compile and test

I promised it a while ago (sorry for bad estimate) but this should be fixed soon!

mer, 02/06/2013 - 19:53
Priorité:critical» blocking
jeu, 02/07/2013 - 10:55

I didn't end up setting up trisquel-docs as a proper package helper (yet). But if quidam or anyone else wants the patch NOW, I am attaching the patch and a small script that renames and removes a few packages.

Some slightly dodgy instructions for compiling:

Download/extract the attached trisquel-docs.tar.gz
Get ubuntu-docs-12.04.4 by doing "bzr branch lp:ubuntu/precise-updates/ubuntu-docs"
Do "mv ubuntu-docs toutatis"
Do "patch -p0 < trisquel-docs.diff"
Run afterpatch.sh

I am busy for the next few days, but I might get time to set it up as a proper package helper in the next week.

Pièce jointeTaille
trisquel-docs.tar_.gz 458.3 Ko
jeu, 02/07/2013 - 10:56
Statut:active» patch (needs work)

PS. Once 6.0 is released I will start working on version for 6.5.

jeu, 02/07/2013 - 23:01

I just read the meeting notes from earlier this week today. Maybe I will be able to make next meeting, but maybe not as well.

I am hoping that for future versions, maybe it can be done on git (which I will need to learn). And once a version is adapted to Trisquel using previous patch, maybe people can then work on translations. I'll have to do some reading on GNUnited Nations and Pootle.

I can't read Spanish (yet ;-) ) but Dr. Ramiro's manual looks like a good source, even if it is a little outdated. The current trisquel-docs does not have as many screenshots as what I think it should have.

I already included I think one page from the wiki in the documentation for Trisquel 6.0, so maybe including more from the wiki would be nice. Of course, the latest revisions would always happen on the wiki and then they would be merged into the manual every now and then.

And I am happy if anyone else wants to join, take over the project, etc. as well, especially if someone has a better sense of direction or leadership than myself. :-)

mer, 04/03/2013 - 02:42
Priorité:blocking» critical
Statut:patch (needs work)» active

I never got around to fixing this issue, but I still plan to once I get the time.

Trisquel 6.0 currently uses the GNOME 3 Desktop Guide, rather than the Ubuntu Desktop Guide. This one is much better, but still has a few issues. For example, it suggests using "restricted" (proprietary) drivers and uses the term "Linux" instead of "GNU/Linux".

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the Applications Menu
2. Open Accessories
3. Click Help
4. Click Hardware & drivers
5. Click Wireless network troubleshooter
6. Click "Next" until reaching the last page

mer, 04/03/2013 - 02:42
Titre:[GFSD Issue] "Ubuntu Desktop Guide" (Nautilus help) suggests non-free software» [GFSD Issue] GNOME 3 Desktop Guide suggests non-free software
dim, 10/30/2016 - 23:29
Version:6.0» 7.0
Composant:Gnome» Documentation
Assigné à:andrew» mixalis_t
Statut:active» patch (needs review)

I made a PR https://devel.trisquel.info/trisquel/package-helpers/merge_requests/167

mar, 11/15/2016 - 12:50
Statut:patch (needs review)» active

There are more suggestions for nonfree software. For example if you go to Networking, web, email, and chat there are instructions for installing Flash.

mar, 01/31/2017 - 15:03
Statut:active» patch (ready)
mer, 03/21/2018 - 23:34
Assigné à:mixalis_t» anonymous
Statut:patch (ready)» patch (needs work)

The source packages ubuntu-docs and kubuntu-docs have been excluded from the distro in ubuntu-purge.git (files purge-trusty and purge-xenial). However, the old binary packages need removing from the belenos user package repos. The binary packages are not present in flidas.