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Forum TopicFuture of GPUs PublicLewdness22Il y a 7 heures 11 sec
Forum TopicSe puede hacer o crear un respin de trisquel, solamente para integrarle otro init TigreLibre.32Il y a 3 jours 17 heures
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Forum TopicHow do you manage your router devices? Jorah Dawson4Il y a 12 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicTrying Parabola GNU/Linux-libre with OpenRC Jorah Dawson7Il y a 13 semaines 3 jours
Forum TopicFree Software for devices, Ignacio.Agullo13Il y a 15 semaines 9 heures
Forum TopicDebian votes to include non-free firmware in installer andyprough42Il y a 17 semaines 4 heures
Forum TopicPinephone/Pinephone Pro+Mobian+free software only Jorah Dawson6Il y a 20 semaines 6 jours
Forum Topicerror installing abrowser deb package tonlee20Il y a 28 semaines 3 jours
Forum Topic Murena, vale la pena para el rempazo de las roms stock de android para los moviles soportados? noblob17Il y a 32 semaines 2 jours
Forum TopicMe gustaría quitar la pregunta del navegador por defecto zoroastro3Il y a 36 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicThe Free Software Foundation Giving Guide 2021 is out! Also, laptops, smartphones, GPS and Purism Ignacio.Agullo12Il y a 43 semaines 4 jours
Forum TopicState of Web Browsers on Debian PublicLewdness72Il y a 50 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicNew privacy browser on F-Droid, "Mull" andyprough6Il y a 1 année 3 semaines
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Forum TopicWhat's wrong with Lineage OS, if there is any? GrevenGull20Il y a 1 année 17 semaines
Forum TopicSecure Smartphone Graphene OS on Google Pixel 4A SwissScientist94Il y a 1 année 20 semaines
Forum Topicsolucionado "necesito ayuda con trisquel mini" juan_marcos12Il y a 1 année 25 semaines
Forum TopicEl regreso del buen amigo Richard Stallman... t_gpg_channel202018Il y a 1 année 32 semaines
Forum TopicLibreboot 20210522 released libreleah12Il y a 1 année 35 semaines
Forum TopicLibreboot es un prollecto abandonado. Chepe9Il y a 1 année 35 semaines
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