Free software friendly non-RYF hardware?

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Iscritto: 09/13/2017

For this topic, first of all we all need is to minimally add these lines,
(1) Purism laptops, whose ever peripheral drivers and firmware are free, using semi-nonfree BIOS named Coreboot. They are being aimed to meet RYF standard.
(2) GNUbee NAS appliances, but just available for MIPS but not amd64.
(3) iXsystem NAS appliances with amd64 support, but Bitcoin payments are not yet supported. Please briefly explian to people how risky credit cards are compared with Bitcoins.
(4) Any Android mobiles with custom ROMs and without nonfree Google apps. If still needing nonfree apps please forward to "Yalp" store, anyway never recommended.
Any other free software friendly non-RYF hardware to be listed?