Privacy Policy

About the user data stored by this site

At the Trisquel GNU/Linux project we value and strive to respect your privacy.

Our site only collects and stores from its users the needed data for it to work, that is:

  • A Drupal session cookie allowing you to stay logged-in until you decide to log out and others to store your language preferences
  • The account data you provide if you register:
    • An username of your choosing
    • An e-mail address used to receive login information and to send your forum posts to the synchronized mailing lists (*)
    • Optional personal data such as a first and second name and a postal address, stored only so we'll able to send you your physical membership perk if you choose to register as an Associated Member
  • The IP address you use to access our site, as part of the standard logs of the web server and the Drupal CMS

We don't use your data for any purpose different of those, and we don't sell or give any part of your data to any third party. As all of our infrastructure is self-contained, we also don't share stuff like session IDs, cookies or anything else with other services, social networks or the like.

(*) As the registered e-mail address is used to post to the Trisquel mailing-lists, it will be visible to any other users of those lists or the visitors of their archives. That's just the way mailing lists work and an inherent part of their design.

We chose to hide those e-mail adresses at the site forums (where they are replaced by the construction "user at domain") but we still encourage you to set-up your account with an e-mail address that you don't mind being public on those mailing lists and their archives.

Considerations about account deletion

We have traditionally asked you to request to our website admin (and recently appointed Data Controller and Data Protection Officer) the deletion of your account because in the case of deletion, all the user's contributions to the site may be lost, and because of the structure of Drupal forums, other users' replies to the deleted account questions could be lost as well.

Since we know provide you with the means to delete your account without our intervention (at the bottom of your account edit form), we ask that you consider using one of these two options that you'll be presented with to preserve your contributions to the community:

  • "Disable the account and keep all content", which allows you to stop participating at the site but still will list your threads, posts and other content like issue reports and documentation pages
  • "Delete the account and make all content belong to the Anonymous user", which fully removes your account but keeps the things you wrote without mentioning your username

By doing so you help the community to access valuable support information, the help other users provided you with their answers and depending on the nature of your contributions, even irreaplaceable documentation pages.

Requesting your stored data

You can contact our Data Protection Officer to ask for the data that our site has stored from you and we'll comply in a short and reasonable amount of time. You can also just check it yourself under your "My Account" page and its "tracking" tab, which shows all the contributions you've made to the site.