Icon to mount SMB shares with password

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Iscritto: 08/18/2020

I have added SMB shares in /etc/fstab and when I type "mount /path/to/mount/point", I am asked for the password, I paste it from KeypassXC, the share is mounted and everything works fine.

I have noticed there is an applet to mount drives that can be added to a Mate panel, it shows all the drives listed in /etc/fstab but when I click on any of these drives that are correctly mounted with the command I mentioned in a terminal, nothing happens.

In Caja, these not yet mounted drive are visible too and asking to mount them results in a pop up window starting with "Failed to query password: Permission denied".

Is there a way to mount such drives by clicking on an icon and getting asked for the password, either in Caja or in a Mate panel? I am also ok with having the password taken from the keyring automatically, but certainly not to store it unciphered in a file (regardless of the access permissions of that file).