Mate Power Manager How to Deactivate Use Time for Policy

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Iscritto: 04/30/2019

I would like to deactivate the use-time-for-policy in my new Trisquel 8 installation. I have an older laptop and have always gotten good results with using percentage for monitoring and controlling the power. I know from recently installing other distributions on my computer the machine is capable of working well with using percentage for controlling power.

With a new installation of Trisquel 8, I have tried to deactivate the use-time-for-policy using the dconf editor and adjust the percentage low, critical, and action values to suitable choices, but it seems to be totally ignored by the system. I do not get any messages on low powet, and the machine just dies without a proper shutdown when the power is used up.

Other things like dimming and blanking of the screen do work and can be effected by adjusting the mate power manager settings.

Anybody have and ideas on why percentage policy would not be working with power management?
How to make it work?