Troll TripleA Challenge

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Iscritto: 09/17/2012

Hey everyone.

As an effort to support great GPL'ed games I start a TripleA challenge thread.

TripleA is an awesome turn based strategy game. You can download it from

The rules are:

1. A person can only challenge a person above her in ranking.
2. A person have one week time to accept the challenge.
3. If a person does not accept the challenge, then he and the challenger will swap places on the Top Troll Board.
4. Only one challenge at a time can be made for a person.
5. If the challenger wins, then he will swap places on the Top Troll Board with the one she challenged.
6. The challenger can chose the map to play.
7. The one being challenged can chose the side to play.
8. If the map is not distributed by TripleA or not qualfied as High Quality map by TripleA, then the one who is challenged can refuse to play that map without swapping places on the Top Troll Board.
9. The game can be played in real time if both players agree to that. If either one disagrees, then PBEM or PBF must be used.
10. I will be the ultimate judge if need be.

Phew, that was helluva lot of rules.

Since I started this, I will naturally be for now also the Top Troll as the first and only person on the list.

Top Trolls

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