Apologies to J.B. Nicholson-Owens

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I. Khider
Beigetreten: 01/19/2013

As a member of the Trisquel site some 4+ years, I was under the impression our email addresses (and other personal info) were kept confidential by the site maintainers. Therefore I was surprised when "J.B. Nicholson-Owens" responded to my, and other forum posts, by quoting our email addresses. I could not figure out how he did it as I did not make it public. I sincerely thought s/he was talking liberties with personal information. Eventually, I discovered that this personal infromation was revealed by site maintainers as a 'feature' and not necessarily as a move in bad faith by J.B. Nicholson-Owens. My real contention is with the Trisquel site maintainers and not J.B. Nicholson-Owens, who used information that was openly revealed by the site maintainers.


I am a member!

Beigetreten: 06/19/2015

Although you reserve the right to decide where and when your email address is published, hiding or obfuscating email addresses is no security measure against spam, and only serves to break the Internet.

Don't be a terrorist.

Beigetreten: 12/31/2012

Indeed, I also don't like address munging, the real effective thing is
to catch the message, report the full message (including headers,
"Reply-To" and "Message-ID") to the domain owner from which the spam
originated (both those listed in "From" and and "Reply-To" fields) and
*only as a last resort* blacklist the domain (although this blacklisting
must be done with care so that it's always transparent enough as to have
ways of contact (through email again!) which allows the domain owner to
get whitelisted again and allows the legitimate users of that domain to
receive a detailed message when their email was processed differently by
the email service provider who provides it to the recipient). In the
case of most known service providers, this doesn't happen. When I send
messages to someone, it goes to spam but I get no mention or status
notification as to whether it went to inbox or to spam and why.

Also, I just noticed that the forums munge everything that has an
@. However, it isn't my doing.

2017-11-23T10:34:54+0100 name at domain wrote:
> http://www.interhack.net/pubs/munging-harmful/

Beigetreten: 04/22/2013

The link you provided does not call people who are munging their mail adresses "terrorists", but the spam-senders.
It advices not to "reducing the quality and functionality of the Internet" because of the spam.

Overall it's a pretty strange article that has no sense for comparativeness.
It fails to convince me why email adress munging is harming the internet so badly, and it puts spammers on the same level of terrorists, which is a pretty big misjudgment.

I. Khider
Beigetreten: 01/19/2013

Yes, privacy is terrorism. Got it. Thanks.

I. Khider
Beigetreten: 01/19/2013

Privacy is terrorism. Got it.