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Greetings all! Has anyone been able to get bookmark syncing to work in either Abrowser or Icecat with the the latest Trisquel distro? Seems with Abrowser it just hangs on login and with Icecat you need to login everytime you wish to sync.

Is anyone else seeing this? Any options on how I can have Firefox-style bookmark syncing in Trisquel?


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I have had little luck, but have tried very little. I hear that you can sync bookmarks using owncloud. You might look into that.

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So, I guess this is intentional? Perhaps Firefox Sync saves yoru info on their servers so its against the free software philosophy?

I have been thinking of this and I have worked out an alternative to bookmark syncing. I started using Zim - a local wiki software like Evernote, but Libre. Not the same as syncing but at least it seems to help me organize the huge amount of web links I have gathered that I frequently reference.

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name at domain, Lun 02 Mai 2016 22:21:01 CEST:

> So, I guess this is intentional? Perhaps Firefox Sync saves yoru
> info on their servers so its against the free software philosophy?

Firefox Sync against free software philosophy? Not as long as
the program is licensed under a free software license. Abrowser is
free software, so it's not against that philosophy in the client side.
On the server side, we should check the server program that makes
Sync work to know the answer to that.

Firefox Sync against privacy? Yes. Firefox added Sync in
version 4.0 offering encryption end-to-end, but since version 29.0
they don't offer it any more. You can't have it if you didn't sign up
for it before Firefox 29.0 was released - and even if you did sign up
and have Sync with end-to-end encryption, you won't know for how long
because since 29.0 that service is considered to be obsolete or
deprecated. For the rest of users, Mozilla can access all of the
bookmarks, history and even passwords if they have chosen to sync them.

I would like to find an alternative way to sync bookmarks.
There's some data I care for even more than bookmarks: contact data.
I "sync" my contact data every time I update it by exporting it in a
file and sending it between my computer and my smartphone. After
that, I import the file on the other side. Wish there was such an
easy way with bookmarks, but unfortunately Firefox for Android seems
just unable to import bookmarks. Which makes Sync the only way to get
the bookmarks into Firefox for Android.

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Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I'll try to get off my addictio nto this feature of Firefox. Zim seems good for the way I have been using bookmarks - kind of like a searchable wiki of interesting info and references.

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You might want to give a change to it allows you to save notes, passwords, documents, and yes, bookmarks. And it is encrypted

Currently they are offering free space, but if you are not confortable using their server you can install your own. I use it and I like it a lot

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Ooh interesting! Thanks!

UPDATE: Hrm, kind of barebones. I was hoping for more of a "scrapbook" experience. Will keep an eye on this one though!

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I use for store bookmarks and else. I have almost 700 articles in there is like pocket but free. I save all my online research whit it.

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Another excellent one! Thanks!