Firefox replaced Iceweasel on Debian Stretch

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Beigetreten: 02/23/2012

Today, I noticed that firefox-esr has replaced iceweasel on Debian Stretch (Testing).

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Beigetreten: 08/11/2014

Here's a thread on why:
https:name at domain/msg699377.html

EDIT: Found an article on this, too:

TL;DR Debian is allowed to use the trademark again and the Firefox logo was released under a free license.

Beigetreten: 07/10/2013

Will Trisquel also make that switch? If not, why not?

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Beigetreten: 07/24/2010

I believe it will not because Trisquel wants an extension catalog that does not list proprietary software. I doubt Mozilla will ever accept such a modification without a change of name/logo.

Beigetreten: 09/13/2010

I hope not because I am not entirely sure that the problems are over.

There was discussion here:

although onpon4 missed something when they said "Mozilla's trademark policy doesn't say anything about permitting use of the mark with unaltered versions of Firefox you compile yourself" because it does and it has the same "no charge" language: "If you compile Mozilla unmodified source code (including code and config files in the installer) and do not charge for it, you do not need additional permission from Mozilla to use the relevant Mozilla Mark(s) for your compiled version." [1]


Beigetreten: 10/24/2015

There are several issues why not.
Pocket is non free and now a default.
Addons page of Mozilla has ALOT of non free addons
Firefox supports DRM in some installs

Beigetreten: 05/14/2015

There's also:
* proprietary Adobe code for implementing DRM ("EME")
* Hello, which has proprietary dependencies on the back-end - similiar issue to UbuntuOne

I wrote about these in more detail here:

Mozilla has been flailing since it lost funding from Google, and is currently suffering from terrible leadership from a software freedom and community stewardship POV. As well as these terrible decisions on allowing proprietary bits and DRM, it has been canning projects left and right (apparently Thunderbird is next on the chopping block). If things don't improve at the Mozilla Foundation, it may be necessary for the developer community to walk away and create a new stewardship body, like the Document Foundation folks did when they walked from OpenOffice.