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Is safe to install themes from
Can this file be malwares?

Magic Banana

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Beigetreten: 07/24/2010

Is there is even software in themes? Opening the first theme I found (awfully long URL at the end of this post), I only discovered one small Shell script, Ant-Dracula/gtk-2.0/, to convert SVG images into PNG images. Not software that the theme would run but software to create the theme, which is images and some CSS.

The awfully long URL:

Beigetreten: 07/24/2017

You can download anti virus software for linux called clamav and you can also download calmtk which is the graphical interface for clamav and just scan any thing you download from the internet with that. There are also paid anti virus products for linux but clamav is free.


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Beigetreten: 10/31/2014

Clamav scans for winpawn$ virii and does absolutely nothing to prevent or to remove the virii affecting GNU/lix, which by the way do not exist.