Hi Folks, first time here (i was in spanish forum)

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Well, as all of you i have Trisquel (MATE), the last version. But i known the distro some years ago.
I like to write in english because is super usefull, and reallly like english. (when i was 8 years old in my school, they taught me french me french for some years, but now i can't speak in that lenguage, i almost forgot everything)
Ok, I came here to find out if you can send me the names and emails of the administrators (whether they speak English or Spanish).
Surely anyone is wondering why I don't ask it in the forum in Spanish.
Well, it's a long story. Can you share this data with me? Thank you all!!

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The administrator of the website (including the forum)? If so: https://trisquel.info/users/david/contact