An invitation to ask your questions about LibreOffice on "Ask LibreOffice"

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I recently started using Trisquel and I am trying to let more people know about it and use it. I am also contributing to the LibreOffice project ( which I am seing mentioned in this list for future inclusion in Trisquel.

I joined the marketing and documentation teams there, mostly focusing on French users (as I live in Montreal Canada) and Spanish users (as I am from Colombia). I am a long time Ubuntu user so I still use that too.

I recently launched a Questions and Answers site at Shapado for all LibreOffice users and developers

If you get involved in LibreOffice and use Trisquel *please* join the growing list of Shapado helpers there. I hope this becomes a central place where anyone can ask questions **in any language**. This is **not a replacement** for existing resources like forums, IRC, etc. but rather a complement where people questions and answers are rated, and reputation helps bring the best answers up in results while highlighting the best contributors.

Here is an example of Trisquel-related question asked in Spanish which I recently answered:

I welcome any comments and suggestions, although I will remove myself from this list in the near future you can always reach me personally or on the LibreOffice teams where I participate (listed below).


LibreOffice questions ? Des questions sur LibreOffice ? Preguntas acerca
de LibreOffice ? Ask LibreOffice:
Fabián Rodríguez


I am a translator!

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It was announced that LibreOffice will be included in Ubuntu 11.04 and possibly replace outright, so we could just wait.

People pulling up their sleeves and devoting time and energy to the improvement of a free software project is always good. There's no doubt that LibreOffice has an excellent future ahead of it. From a freedom perspective, the main concern at the moment is that LibO's future extension framework lives up to its potential so that LibO won't be another major free software application that falls short of FLOSS ideals by recommending non-free extensions (like Firefox and See my post about that here:

Welcome to Trisquel! Our community will benefit from your insight and experience.

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Welcome to the Trisquel forums!