JS: Cannot use Element.io

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Beigetreten: 06/19/2015

I went to Element.io to download Element and start using it, but its download link for GNU/Linux did not work, and most menus at the top of the page did not work, either.


Beigetreten: 08/18/2020

This is because of the javascript. I looked at it from a friend's machine running another OS, it includes intructions to add a repository from element to your apt sources but I did not write this down.

One thing you could use instead is Revolt, it is in Trisquel's repository. There are also Nheko and Quaternion available from Guix (but I tried them and noticed some functional limitations or usage problems that I explain in a post made yesterday).

What I last read on Element [1] is that it is not free because it uses Electron that includes Chromium which is evaluated as not free. Are you aware of more updated information on this?

[1] https://trisquel.info/fr/forum/matrix-client#comment-155204