Librebooted laptop with more then 8GB of ram

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Beigetreten: 11/19/2019


Does anyone know if there is a librebootable laptop that supports more then 8GB of ram?

Beigetreten: 05/01/2018

Since libreboot doesn't support any platform newer than 4-series chipset, the maximum memory is 8 GiB.

But with coreboot, you can have as much as 32 GiB (ThinkPad W520, W530, W540 and W541). If you don't want a 15-inch one, you can have 16 GiB of memory (X220/t, X230/t, T420/s, T430/s and T440p).

And because coreboot is under active development whereas libreboot hasn't been maintained for a long time (especially after the project leader's bankruptcy), I strongly recommended any libreboot user switch to coreboot.