Must useful way to submit Flidas bug reports?

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Beigetreten: 10/26/2015

Hi, All.

I ran Flidas alpha off a usb stick today, and installed and ran my primary project for work (a solar physics model).

It went very well.

I did find what I suspect are a couple of bugs:

GRUB splash screen says 7.0, not 8.0
no "zip" or "unzip" available in repos
evince not installable due to unresolved dependencies
okular not installable due to unresolved dependencies
no imagemagick or graphicsmagick "display" installable from the repositories
The "find software" helper (say, when you double-click on a pdf) seems to do nothing.

A cursory search at didn't seem to turn up anything related to these. It seems that if I file these I'd want to very clearly identify them to the development team as relating to flidas.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might know what would be most beneficial to the development team.

Beigetreten: 02/23/2012

Thank you but here is not the right place to report them. You can report them *one by one* here: