Occupy Flash: The movement to rid the world of the Flash Player plugin

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Beigetreten: 11/30/2010

I'm not sure who they are but there's a new online campaign to rid the world of the Flash browser plug-in.

Seems like a good idea: http://occupyflash.org/

Beigetreten: 09/23/2010

Just one word. AWESOME :D

Beigetreten: 08/29/2011

Scroll down on their site and it tells me I have Flash installed!

100% Trisquel with Abrowser and Gnash here, no Flash to be seen.

Beigetreten: 12/16/2009

Obviously, the reason why this site thinks you are using Adobe Flash is
because of Gnash. Other sites and their administrator also think you
are using Adobe Flash for the same reason. This probably justifies
their use of the Flash format. This is why I browse the Web with Gnash
turned off.


I am a member!

I am a translator!

Beigetreten: 07/27/2010

Yes, it detects gnash and reads it as flash. I have gnash disabled as well so that websites when they do their visitor analysis they read that I don't have it at all. The less people with it installed (even if they mistakenly believe gnash is the same as flash) the less devs will use it. I only enable gnash if there is a website I really want/need to see. However that isn't often.

Beigetreten: 07/26/2010

В 09:58 +0100 на 22.11.2011 (вт), sirgrant[@nospam] написа:
> Yes, it detects gnash and reads it as flash.

> (even if they mistakenly believe gnash is the same as flash)

Most people don't know there are other implementations of flash other
than the official proprietary plugin by Adobe. This includes website

Flash is usually detected by websites by sniffing installed plugins
names, their descriptions or the attributes of the plugin pointed by the
mime-type for flash objects - application/x-shockwave-flash.

For Gnash to transparently replace flash it *MUST* use strings provided
by the proprietary plugin. Of course, Gnash adds additional strings
about itself where possible - after the expected flash string in the
description of the plugin. This string is usually not checked by flash
detection software.

If a site checks for installed flash plugin, it will detect Gnash as
just "Shockwave Flash". The fix is to search for Gnash in the
description of the plugin.

With that said, it is clear (for me) that the people behind Occupy Flash
didn't make a mistake, but are simply unaware that Gnash exists. There
is a high probability that they use existing flash detection JavaScript
library that is also unaware of Gnash. I think there is no flash
detection JavaScript library that checks for Gnash.

Beigetreten: 11/30/2010

To turn off Gnash I go to Add-ons > Plugins > Flash Plugin > Disable.

Is there another way to it off, and then enable it when needed?

Beigetreten: 03/29/2011

You can use the QuickJava addon.

Beigetreten: 11/30/2010

OK interesting, so it can be disabled on-the-fly, thanks. :)