Some questions about the future of Trisquel

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Beigetreten: 06/21/2020

Hola a todos :) (hi all)

First of all i want to praise everyone who is doing a great job to keep this wonderful GNU/Linux system alive/maintains, thank you for that.
also it is great to have such a awesome website(community) to be, with alot of users which keep this here colorful/or filling with useful information and discussion.

Here my questions:

-What about main desktop, will you guys continue to rely on mate in the future, or can it be that as example trisquel 10 has kde,gnome or enlightenment as main desktop ?
and my other question about a desktop is what about mate in comparison with kde/gnome are there more security vulnerabilities because they have more features,or different methods and is mate safer in this point ?

-do you have planned to integrate guix in future to combine trisquel with guix ?

-what about the blog ? unfortunately it doesn't seems very active at this moment, would be great if some one from the trisquel staff could revive it to stay updated. also to know more about the future and upcoming events,etc.

-is there an release date from stable trisquel 9 ?
in relation to the previous question,can you maybe tell me a bit more about future plans and what else is planned also for trisquel 10 ?

in the end i am very impressed and you guys give me passion,just an overall fantastic feeling and pleasure to work on my things,check this website or entertain my self. i appreciate also the Philosophy behind GNU/Linux.

if trisquel and maybe the fsf keeps focusing on web presentation,donations to keep this not only alive also to give developer,maintainer a better safer foundation to work on this project.
or maybe some one here from staff can tell me more about it. (of curse it also depends on user base to support it in every way)

I am using at this moment trisquel 9 under a tablet pc with an Intel® Pentium® N4200,Intel HD Graphics 505 .
so far it works very well only things which don't work is touch,external dvd-drive and wifi. i am aware that i don't get the full benefits/advantage if the hardware like bios,cpu and gpu isnt libre too,
some one here has a good hint for me hardware wise ? i only want to use energy saving at this moment it is a dream for me to use a gnu/linux system with an tablet pc which does not consume more than 25w,monitor included. i can do my work i can play some games.overall its very pleasant.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my post and those who try answering my question :)if I have another topic related question, I'll ask it here.

im looking forward having a great time together and keep learning everyday or second haha,
enjoy your time mates

Greets clayton

Beigetreten: 08/26/2015

Of what you have stated, I know that many of us use Guix to supplement Trisquel. In fact Guix is designed to be used with other distributions, so I am not sure what further integration you mean. For the rest of your topics you've mentioned it may be better for you to bring them up at #trisquel-dev at the next dev meeting that occurs at Fridays 12pm EST.