SSL, bitcoin-qt and Trisquel: Please help!

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Beigetreten: 03/05/2016

Hello I have been reading about a problem related to linux users of bitcoin core.

The thing is that I just compiled Bitcoin-qt and Bitcoind on Trisquel.

I downloaded via git the files from github and ./configure and make to compile it and the problem is this as reported on bitcointalk forums past January:

Users of bitcoin core on Linux must not upgrade to the latest version of Open SSL 1.0.0p or 1.0.1k.

There will be problems when running bitcoin core if doing so, and there will be problems as well for Linux users who, like me, did not use something called gitian to compile it ( sorry I m newbie to Linux in spite I try to learn quick ). And as well for users who installed the program from repositories.

So bitcoin core only will work fine if: SSL not upgraded, code downloaded from and compiled with gitian according to this post.

I already know that SSL is an application level protocol for the purpose of transmitting sensitive information but:

how can I check out which version of OpenSSL is going on on my Trisquel?.

is there any way of upgrading bitcoind and bitcoin-qt to the latest version from terminal?.

Would like to check out as well, if Trisquel users are doing fine with bitcoin core, bitcoind, and bitcoin-qt. maybe this does not affect us. I did not install bitcoin core, for me it is enough with bitcoind and bitcoin-qt.

Many Thanks!.

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Trisquel 7 has OpenSSL 1.0.1f. The package manager (using any of its interfaces: the "Synaptic package manager", 'apt-cache showpkg openssl', etc.) provides that information.

Neither "bitcoind" nor "bitcoin-qt" are in Trisquel's repositories. If you installed them after adding a repository (e.g., a PPA), then whoever administrates this repository may (or may not!) push updates. If you manually installed a .deb or built from source, then you are entirely on your own.

Finally, you are a GNU/Linux user and not only a Linux user. Linux only is a kernel. You could not do anything without GNU, the greatest contribution to the GNU/Linux operating system. See

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You don't even have to compile Bitcoin core as you can just run the pre-compiled binary coming with the package. It runs perfectly fine on my Trisquel machine.