Trisquel 9 glibc version?

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Will White
Beigetreten: 08/20/2018

Please could you tell me which version of glibc Trisquel 9 comes with, or how to find out? I want to use PureScript but I think it needs at least glibc version 2.25, or even 2.27, and I think I have 2.23 (I have Trisquel 8). I've also learned that Trisquel 8 is no longer receiving security updates, so it's probably a good idea I update my Trisquel anyway!

Beigetreten: 12/10/2013

To find out your glibc version, run

apt show libc6

According to, it seems that Trisquel 9 has glibc 2.27.

Magic Banana

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Beigetreten: 07/24/2010

Yes, you should upgrade to Trisquel 9 asap.