Trisquel update policy

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Beigetreten: 07/10/2013

I think it's time to start a discussion about the update policy of Trisquel. Recently there have been several threads related to this issue:

- Vulnerability free web browser [1]
- Web RTC and abrowser 21? [2]
- Trisquel repos not updating lately from Ubuntu's? [3]

I think it's not a good idea at all NOT to provide bleeding edge packages when it comes to fixing security issues. Trisquel was never ment to support all the newest features in all packages but security issues are a totally different thing. Wouldn't it be a very easy solution just to use the ubuntu packages for packages, which are known to be FLOSS?

I have used Trisquel for more than a month now and there has NEVER been any update for any package. I know that this distribution is mainly run by very few people and we all have to thank them for their work but security really is a very big issue and it should be very high on the agenda of this distribution. Any suggestions?



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Toutatis has received numerous security fixes since it's been released:

The fact that you haven't seen any in the last month doesn't mean that you'll never get any. But I do agree with you that a clarification from the devs regarding how and when they import security fixes would be really interesting to read.