Two Jokes, Linux and Generic Diapers and another about the famous Priority lane service at a Computer store.

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Beigetreten: 01/09/2013

Recently my Spouse and I urgently had to buy some diaper for our youngest one,

While strolling through the isles of our favourite Supermarket, I encounter this Generic diaper brand; that had a printed label of many "penguins", I grab the 40 piece bag and gave it to my wife. My wife look at me, "SMILING" and told me, "those are not the ones that fit our baby"!

I replied: Yes I know that: but, they are "Linux" diaper. Just look at the label, it has the "penguins" on it. She started laughing and told me" That
"I was reading to much Linux lately",

Maybe those diaper got an embedded Linux chip that will help distributed the solid waste and liquid load?

My wife told me: Why don't you "PATENT"your idea, and make some money......


The famous Priority lane service at a Computer store.

While standing and waiting to pay for my computer part, I was contemplating that the priority lane was empty, They had this sign of 4 silhouette handicaps, that will grant you priority service,

For example:
One was a senior citizen,
a man in crutches,
a pregnant woman and the wheel chair.

While waiting for the cashier to charge my credit card for my purchase, I did ask her politely: Miss, If I was a "Linux User" and not a "Microsoft user" will that grant the privileges of the priority lane?
Her replied was: that "she had to check with the management for a new revision of the law.

Well I hope you enjoy my linux trolling.....

Beigetreten: 01/09/2013


Maybe you are suffering from to much Cerumen impaction....
\o/ LOL