Using a projector in Trisquel

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Beigetreten: 08/19/2016

Hey guys, can't seem to find a thread about projector use on Trisquel. Been doing research about GNU/Linux before I migrate from proprietary malware, Windows so here goes: How can I use Trisquel for presentations on projectors? Does it mean I am stuck on VGA cables as opposed to HDMi cables or Bluetooth connectivity?

Beigetreten: 07/10/2013

Hello there,

I can tell you from experience that VGA and HDMI work perfectly well with Trisquel, even though you might have to do some fine tuning in order to get the resolution you want.

Enjoy your freedom!

Beigetreten: 04/18/2015

Hi Lorbeer,

I use a Dell Inspiron 15 running Trisquel 7, and have no problem using the HDMI output to a projector/screen; this is what I actually use for presentations (w/LibreOffice Impress) whenever I have the option (i.e. connecting my own laptop, otherwise I just bring a PDF of the presentation instead).

I haven't tried the Blutooth though. Oh, just wanted to add: you can always run Trisquel from a USB drive before you install it, so you can check and see if what your a looking for (resolution, output etc) would works well in your computer.