Partman crashes during installation

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Unable to install 6.0 — always getting the same message (attached).

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Fr, 03/15/2013 - 05:14
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Are you still having this issue?

Mi, 04/24/2013 - 21:31

I have same issue as akifo. 64 bit Live boot works fine and gparted works fine also. This is on an ACER Aspire with Intel i3 CPU and 3GB RAM. It sees everything correctly. Boot manager is that of Ubuntu 12.04 and Primary partition starts with ext4 and Ubuntu 12.04 and active (bootable)part has ntfs for Windows system. Extended LBA partition continues with sda5=ntfs for user data, sda6=fat32 user data, sda7=ext4 successfully formatted by gparted from and for Trisquel 6.0. Lastly, there is still a small 2GB SWAP partition. I cannot install Trisquel from its start menu (USB or CD-ROM) or from live session. Partman crashes before am presented any information for where I should want to install.

Sa, 05/04/2013 - 22:52
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I've had the same issue as well. My computer was configured like this :
sda1 : FAT32 with Microsoft Windows XP
sda2 : EXT3 "/" on distro Ubuntu 12.04
sda3 : swap
sda4 : EXT3 "/home"
sda5 : EXT3 "/usr"

Ubi-Partman crashes with error 141.
Here is my solution :
I've got a Gnewsense CD (it works with Ubuntu CD too) and I've used GParted to delete the partitions and to recreate and format them from scratch. When the system has begun to install, I've stopped it. Then the Trisquel CD has been inserted and I've made a correct installation, Ubi-Partman not crashed.
My final partitions are as follow :
sda1: EXT4 "/" Trisquel-mini 6.0
sda2 : swap
sda3 : EXT4 "/home"

Ubi-partman seems to have difficulties to recognize and configure partitions with both FAT32 and EXT3.

My system was Windows XP, then a dual boot Win XP / Ubuntu and now only Trisquel 6.0.
I enjoy the evolution of mind and now i'm totally happy using this full free system. :)