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Forum TopicNeed help: Playlist For the Ohio [GNU]Linux's FSF 30th B'day Party (ThinkPenguin's sponsoring/organizing it) Chris18vor 4 Jahre 9 Wochen
Forum TopicI made an audio demo/tutorial using Belenos and Orca. Dave_Hunt10vor 4 Jahre 10 Wochen
Forum TopicHappy Software Freedom Day for all alimiracle11vor 4 Jahre 10 Wochen
Forum TopicOfftopic: Computer would not boot because of dead bios battery lembas5vor 4 Jahre 13 Wochen
Issuenon free Package(drascula) alimiracle2vor 4 Jahre 15 Wochen
Forum TopicA mail provider based in Bulgaria, using 100% open source software, Tor-friendly and no javascript friendly. SuperTramp8337vor 4 Jahre 16 Wochen
Forum TopicThe FSF's statement on Windows 10 Triqel58vor 4 Jahre 17 Wochen
Forum Topicreturned to trisquel7 alimiracle99vor 4 Jahre 17 Wochen
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Issuecannot switch Between two keyboard layouts with shortcuts alimiracle2vor 4 Jahre 22 Wochen
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Forum TopicCould Trisquel 8 switch to MATE? t3g76vor 4 Jahre 24 Wochen