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Forum TopicSpying software hidden deep within hard drives made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers Newbie49vor 4 Jahre 39 Wochen
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Forum TopicOS X, iOS and Linux have more vulnerabilities than Windows!!!!! alimiracle17vor 4 Jahre 41 Wochen
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Forum TopicWill Abrowser get phased out by IceCat eventually? t3g21vor 4 Jahre 41 Wochen
Forum TopicHappy Valentines Day everyone! pogiako1234513vor 4 Jahre 42 Wochen
Forum TopicNew FSF-sponsored disto: GuixSD Infieles6vor 4 Jahre 44 Wochen
Forum Topicnew vulnerability affects most gnu/Linux Systems alimiracle13vor 4 Jahre 44 Wochen
Issuelazarus Package the problems in the license alimiracle3vor 4 Jahre 45 Wochen
Forum TopicNSA's MORECOWBELL: Knell for DNS alimiracle1vor 4 Jahre 45 Wochen
Forum TopicWhere are all the security updates? Legimet94vor 4 Jahre 45 Wochen
Forum TopicDiaspora* alimiracle27vor 4 Jahre 45 Wochen
Forum TopicReview of FSF High Priority Projects list -- your input is needed andrew27vor 4 Jahre 46 Wochen
Forum Topicmy family want me to install non-free software tomlukeywood53vor 4 Jahre 46 Wochen
Forum TopicIs Arduino Free software friendly? a_slacker_here10vor 4 Jahre 46 Wochen
Forum TopicI did it! I finally have wireless networking working on my laptop! pogiako1234524vor 4 Jahre 47 Wochen
Forum TopicTechnical advantages of Trisquel over Debian? forest22vor 4 Jahre 47 Wochen
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Forum TopicArabic language alimiracle1vor 4 Jahre 49 Wochen
Forum TopicNew article by RMS alimiracle3vor 4 Jahre 50 Wochen
Forum Topicinstall gcc4.9 alimiracle1vor 4 Jahre 51 Wochen
Forum TopicI'm out of this forum! Fernando_Negro50vor 5 Jahre 2 Tage
Forum Topicfree os alimiracle2vor 5 Jahre 3 Tage