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Issuerm doesn't ask for confirmation fchmmr10vor 6 Jahre 11 Wochen
IssueNew updated software has been issued since Ubuntu 7.0 was released. Do you want to install it now? fchmmr1vor 6 Jahre 13 Wochen
Issuelighttpd index page talks about Ubuntu still fchmmr4vor 6 Jahre 18 Wochen
Issueabrowser bug (plugins.update.url set to mozilla URL) fchmmr3vor 6 Jahre 25 Wochen
Issueabrowser: IPv6 disabled by default fchmmr4vor 6 Jahre 34 Wochen
Forum TopicTrisquel 7 (gnome) - make it lighter weight, more responsive, more usable and have better default choice of applications. fchmmr25vor 6 Jahre 37 Wochen
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