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ProblemMany radeon card stopped working due to linux-libre patches being reverted GNUtoo2vor 38 Wochen 2 Tage
ProblemFreedom issue: phoronix-test-suite can download and run nonfree software GNUtoo2vor 46 Wochen 1 Tag
Problemcannot install several java related packages because libfop-java is absent from the repositories GNUtoo2vor 46 Wochen 1 Tag
Problemproguard not working with java-8 GNUtoo4vor 1 Jahr 5 Wochen
ProblemInstalling fai-server makes Trisquel become Ubuntu by changing /etc/apt/sources.list GNUtoo7vor 1 Jahr 5 Wochen
ProblemThe default kernel is buggy, too old and unmaintained. GNUtoo1vor 3 Jahre 43 Wochen
ProblemReliable jitsi crash GNUtoo3vor 4 Jahre 30 Wochen
Problemno -dbg package feed GNUtoo1vor 4 Jahre 30 Wochen
ProblemIssue tracker: Add (back?) older versions of Trisquel for better bug triage GNUtoo0vor 4 Jahre 32 Wochen
Problemboot delayed by 2 minutes if /etc/network/interface is populated GNUtoo1vor 4 Jahre 32 Wochen
ProblemFreedom issue: debootstrap recommends non-FSDG compliant distributions GNUtoo3vor 4 Jahre 35 Wochen
Forum TopicMission impossible: Family privacy GNUbahn57vor 5 Jahre 25 Wochen
Forum TopicFirst development alpha iso images of Trisquel 8.0 "Flidas" quidam45vor 5 Jahre 29 Wochen
Forum TopicHexoshi - New Metroid-like game I'm developing is being crowdfunded onpon461vor 5 Jahre 29 Wochen
Forum TopicHowto reactivate laptop's NIC (it worked fine and still works under Parabola) riveravaldez28vor 5 Jahre 45 Wochen
Forum Topicusing jxself's Linux-libre to get Radeon's 2D acceleration arielenter5vor 5 Jahre 46 Wochen
Forum TopicLibre PC users X200 ,T400,C201 needs some help 8bitDev30vor 5 Jahre 46 Wochen
Forum TopicLUKS + LVM without /boot in a separate partition GNUtoo2vor 5 Jahre 47 Wochen
Forum TopicThe worst thing happened on my laptop. DRM. anonymous9vor 5 Jahre 51 Wochen
Forum TopicLibertyBSD 5.8 Release orthogonal41vor 6 Jahre 41 Wochen
Forum TopicThe Gaming Trap onpon461vor 6 Jahre 43 Wochen
Forum TopicDoes the raspberry pi and its accessories meet free software/hardware standards? biosprob21vor 6 Jahre 43 Wochen
Forum TopicCoreboot Ported To The Librem 13 Laptop, Without Purism Mzee32vor 6 Jahre 43 Wochen
Forum TopicInstalling Trisquel and gentoo on another drive, grub required?. arcu11vor 7 Jahre 3 Wochen
Forum TopicMacBook 1,1 to Libreboot in software way lilos61vor 7 Jahre 5 Wochen