Better Flickr

Enhance Flickr with a compilation of useful Greasemonkey scripts.

Add useful extra features to Flickr, like rich text edit controls, short URLs to photos, instant zoom and more.

Better Flickr compiles some of the best Greasemonkey user scripts for Flickr into a single package, including:

Add Buddy Icon Reply Options: Add a reply link to each comment which will generate the buddy icon code or bold username code in the add comment textarea on flickr. Version 3.3 by doc18 and Eric Martin
Add Extra User Links (Popular, Scout, Fav'ed, etc): Adds useful links to external services to the user sub-menu. Based on Browse by Interesting script by steeev and Scout Link by netomer. Version 0.7, Dec 02 2008 by scragz
Add "Instant Zoom" Magnifier Button Above Photos: Add a "Instant Zoom" magnifier to the photo pages. Click+mouse drag will zoom in and out. (Magnifier code by Janos Pal Toth). Version 1.4, Mar 30 2008 by Pierre Andrews (name at domain)
Add Rich Edit Controls Above Comment Textarea (bold, italic, etc): Adds a simple rich edit interface (Italic, Bold, Blockquote, Link) to any comment text area on flickr and any in-situ description editor. Jan 29 2010 by Todd Moon and Jason Rhyley
Enhance Photo Page with Links, Copy/Paste HTML, and Most-Used Tags: Adds links to different sizes directly to a Flickr photo page, generates html code to easily copy'n paste thumbnail & description, and automatically loads your 20 most used tags when you click "Add Tag." Apr 19 2007 by Jason Rhyley
Show Short URL (Twitter-friendly Link): Adds a clickable short URL to a photo page in the Additional Information section. Version 0.2, Sept 15 2009 by Mark Whitaker (bitrot)
Show Total Comments, Notes, Faves and Views on Set Thumbnails: Adds more information (comments, notes) to lists of thumbnails on Flickr Oct 01 2008 by Jason Rhyley


Better Flickr